Move Your Business Online: Why COVID-19 Doesn’t Mean You Must Shut Up Shop

Move Your Business Online: Why COVID-19 Doesn’t Mean You Must Shut Up Shop

The speed and scale of the Covid 19 pandemic have taken everyone by surprise, all over the world.

For smaller businesses in particular, high business rates and the lack of an extensive support network could make the impact of life in lockdown truly devastating. Help from government may not necessarily be forthcoming. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. What it does mean that all of us will have to adjust, and adapt to a new way of working and selling.

Some sectors, from TV streaming services to home workout equipment to food deliveries, have even seen an active upturn in business.

While you can’t sell in person, do so via the internet. And, in, we have the ideal platform already set up, allowing you to do just that.

We’re already in the process of setting up web-based selling for, for example, a vaping firm and an electrical wholesaler, both of which were recently forced to close their physical premises. We’re confident there are many others we can help so they remain operational during the outbreak.

Your product doesn’t even have to be spectacularly popular. As long as you’re able to base yourself from home and ship whatever you produce, you’re in with a very strong chance of surviving, and even thriving, for as long as the current crisis lasts.

What we offer

Via, we offer a range of e-commerce packages to suit different needs. With our years of experience in the field, we’re ideally placed to find and develop the right solution for your business, however tight your budget in the current situation.

What’s more, we fully appreciate that, given the present circumstances, time may not necessarily be on your side. Let us get you up and running quickly with an e-commerce store, whether or not you’re already selling over the web.

It may well be, for example, that you feel you have outgrown your existing e-commerce website, in which case we can help you migrate to a solution that better suits your changed requirements.

The platform we use is the popular WooCommerce. It’s easy to update, and it has a number of exceptional features for e-traders, from cross-selling to local goods collection and more advanced ones such as tiered pricing. Or you may want people to be able to check out without having to open an account, while giving them the choice to create one so the purchasing process is simpler next time.

We can help you decide the functionality that would best suit your business. Take the first step and get in touch today to learn more.