More reasons to choose WooCommerce

More reasons to choose WooCommerce

As you may well already know, at StuCommerce we’re fans of WooCommerce, the e-commerce platform for WordPress, and the most customisable platform of its kind in the world.

Simple, flexible and features-rich, it offers everything from shipping integration to secure payments, tax and inventory management. It’s speedy, user-friendly and highly secure. What’s more, its integration means you get great value in terms of SEO.

Here are some other top reasons to choose this platform over similar e-commerce solutions or build it yourself sites.

  • Price

Especially for new e-commerce sellers, this is likely to be key. You don’t have to commit to lengthy contracts or software licences. In fact, WooCommerce is license free! (Although some extensions, such including certain third-party payment apps may be charged for.)

  • Modularity

You’ll have access to thousands of WordPress plug-ins and themes, plus hundreds of e-commerce extensions exclusive to WooCommerce. There’s a vibrant, thriving developer community which builds extensions to add particular functionality.

  • It’s a WordPress plug-in

You may think WooCommerce can’t be as good as a purpose-built e-commerce app because it may be constrained by its parent app, WordPress. But in fact it takes all of WordPress’s strength and reliability to create an outstanding e-commerce experience for you and your customers.

  • Use it to sell anything

Whatever your e-commerce site sells, and in whatever quantities, WooCommerce can handle it.

  • Powerful analytics

You can see Woo Commerce’s extensive range of analytics in a clear, intuitive interface to learn more about the people who buy from you, and how they interact with your brand. There’s also capacity for easy integration with other services such as Google Analytics.

  • Scalability

WooCommerce supports e-commerce websites whatever their size, whether you’re selling thousands of products or just a handful. It can grow with you.

  • Speed

WooCommerce is swift and responsive. Combine it with performance-optimised WooCommerce hosting for maximum performance.

  • Superior content management

From blogging to landing pages, email marketing to product descriptions, WordPress and WooCommerce together offer a host of options for your content management. What’s more, the platform makes it easy to optimise content for search at the same time.

In a nutshell, WooCommerce has everything the web-based retailer needs to sell their products, including multiple shipping methods, dozens of payment gateways and a lot more besides.

Talk to us today without charge or obligation. We’ve helped many clients with their e-commerce websites – we could help you, too.