Choose a Professional eCommerce Developer or Ask a Friend?

Choose a Professional eCommerce Developer or Ask a Friend?

We’ve all got that friend who owes us a favour. And if, in your case, they happen to know something about web development, you may be tempted to call in the good turn by asking them to build your e-commerce website for you.

And, in many ways, we wouldn’t blame you. After all, the cost savings would seem highly attractive.

The decision is, of course, entirely yours. But you may want to think twice before getting into an arrangement with a friend. Here’s why:

  • It could be the end of a beautiful friendship!

There are various reasons why working with someone with whom you have personal ties may not be such a great idea. What happens if you’re not happy with the e-commerce site that they build for you? What if something goes wrong with it a few weeks or months down the line? Do you really want to have to go back to them and complain? And what would you then do if you felt that wasn’t an option?

Few things are more important to an e-commerce business than the quality of its website. Get it wrong and you could be left with frustrated customers, potentially serious security issues, and a lack of ongoing support.

  • Ask yourself some key questions

Before letting your mate loose on your e-commerce site, think about whether they will discuss your target market with you. Will their design be based on the way a visitor is likely to use your website? Will your friend help plan its navigation and draw up a sitemap with you? Will the resulting website really encourage users to take the action you want them to take? Or will your pal create something that’s more like a brochure than what all e-commerce websites should be, a key marketing tool?

Finally, will your friend merely focus on a pretty-looking site, or will they be able to take all the right steps to prevent it from falling prey to hackers? Even just letting a site use the default ‘admin’ username in WordPress can pose a strong security risk which can lead to major issues later on.

Let your friend buy you a pint instead!

So if your mate or some other volunteer wants to return a kind deed, maybe you should just let them buy you a pint instead. Unfortunately, we’ve heard too many tales of friends building people’s e-commerce websites where things have gone far from brilliantly.

At Stu Commerce, we know what customers are looking for when they shop online. We also have a good understanding of the features your website needs, due to our extensive industry experience. Plus, we’re on hand if you have any problems!

Give us a call for a free, no-obligation chat about what we could do for your e-commerce website.